Creating Photo Walls

If you have you ever considered assembling your favorite photos on one large statement wall in your home or office, then you know this can be a large task.  It requires sizing photos, choosing a layout, framing your favorite photos, and installing.  We do all of this for you….and we will be happy to install your photo wall as well.  Here are the steps we take to create a statement photo wall:

  1. Photo Selection: pick your favorite photos and email, or drop them off to us.
  2. Layout: we design a layout to fit your space; whether it be on a staircase wall, a hallway, or a wall in a family room, den or living room.
  3. Sizing Photos & Framing: we print your photos to size; in black and white, or color.  We matte and frame your photos according to your style.  Do you prefer an eclectic mix, or a modern, streamlined look?  Do you want the frames in all one finish, or several styles that compliment each other.  We help you decide.
  4. Construction & Installation: we construct the final product, bring it to your home and install!  What could be easier?

Costs: Photo walls vary in price according to how many pictures you use, how large your wall and what style(s) of frame or mount you choose.  Please contact us for a complimentary estimate.



1.Photo Selection


2. Layout

3. Sizing Photos and Choosing Frames


4. Installation




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