Plak mounting is a process suitable for mounting: posters, photographs, children’s artwork, diplomas, certificates, and interior signage. Plak mounted prints are mounted to premium hardboard or fiberboard and then sealed and protected by tough, durable and washable laminate. We use pH balanced laminates and acid free adhesives, providing years of protection and a lifetime of enjoyment. Images are protected from UV light, moisture, dust and fingerprints.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the laminate process that adheres a poster to the board, we do not do this in-house. Furthermore, please know that this process cannot be reversed; it is a permanent mounting solution that is not suitable for all types of artwork.

Types of Mounts

Classic Plak Mount – The artwork is mounted to a thin (3/8″) fiberboard.

Block Plak Mount The artwork is mounted to tempered hardboard. A thick (approx 1 inch) frame is installed, flush with the edges of the piece, adding substance. 

Float Plak Mount – The artwork is mounted to tempered hardboard. A small frame is installed on the back, recessed from the edges. This gives the striking appearance of floating off the wall. 


Our three step promise ensures that your artwork, keepsakes, and valuables stay protected and are displayed the best they can be.

  1. Quality: We use only the very best, acid free materials in mounting and showcasing your pieces. We test our products to ensure they resist fading, discoloration, warping, or rippling.
  2. Service: Any piece you bring or mail to us remains at our facility. We do all work in-house and take pride in keeping your valuables safe at all times.
  3. Guarantee: Should any of our products not meet our quality standards we will replace the molding, mattes and mounting boards.

For our out of town shoppers: Need to choose frame molding and mattes without being able to come in to our location? Fill out the contact form below and we will email photo samples once we narrow down the design criteria.

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