Aerial, Landscape, and Architectural Photography

Aerial Photographs

Photography that is shot from above gives a unique birds-eye-view of the world.  Not only is this style of photography visually pleasing, it can highlight the scope of a project or business as well.  This lends a dual purpose to the photographs.  Commercial clients hire our photographers to take aerial shots of their business, property or project.  They are useful in advertising, promotional pieces as well as decorating an office.

Please contact us to schedule a photo shoot of your business or residence.

Architectural Photographs

Our city abounds with opportunities for stunning architectural photographs.  These photographs decorate many of our commercial client’s lobby and atrium walls.  They showcase the pride Buffalonian’s feel for the city.

Photographs can be commissioned:

  • Landscape
  • Portraiture
  • Architecture
  • Still life

All within your budget parameters.

Landscape Photographs

Landscape photography has the power to soothe and relax.  Vistas of the country, a beautiful garden, or rolling hills are often commissioned for healthcare settings.  They provide a visually pleasing and tranquil decor for clients and co-workers.  Consider using our vast supply of stock photography for your next decor project, or commissioning a photograph.

Our Service includes:

  • Full Interior Design Concept & Plans
  • Sourcing of photographer, or stock photos.
  • Printing of photos
  • Installation

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Sometimes, knowing where to begin is the hardest part. If you have any questions about your future art installation or framing project contact us today.

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