Picture Frames

Sports memorabilia framed

Framing a picture is a necessary step before hanging it on your wall.  Consequently, when you have a picture to be framed you should look for a business that is experienced, professional, good at design and knows the latest techniques in preservation and framing.  We provide this service for our clients.  Most importantly, when you visit Rider Frames & Gallery, a designer guides you through these steps to choose the correct mattes, picture frame molding, and glass, to enhance your picture.

Choosing the Right Matte(s)

Whether you are framing a photograph, a piece of artwork, or, memorabilia…like the golf ball and scorecard from the day you got a hole in ONE….choosing mattes that will compliment your content is important.  We guide you through this process.  Most noteworthy, our on-staff designers will make recommendations on the best colors, textures, and thickness of mattes to use.  They can layer mattes, design cut-outs, add fillets, and use v-grooves to enhance the design of your piece.  Therefore the result will be the very best picture frame available. See more samples.

Stretched Canvas

Stretched linen canvas

Each printed surface, whether it be:  fine art paper, photo paper, canvas, wood, metal or acrylic, dictates how it should be mounted.  For example, canvas (as shown in picture) must be stretched before it can be framed.  Consequently, many art sellers will ship a canvas that is rolled.  This is typical and makes shipping much less expensive.  Therefore, we take the rolled canvas and “stretch” it to fit over a wood frame.  Next, the canvas is attached to the wooden stretcher bars by staples.  After the canvas has been stretched it can be hung on wall, as is (with finished edges sometimes called gallery wrap), or, it can be framed.  Furthermore, we often frame stretched canvases with floater frames.

Choosing the Best Frame

There are many factors to consider in choosing the best frame for your project.  Here are some of the questions our designers ask: First, where will the frame go and what are the height and width? Second, will it need to match the surrounding decor?  Third, how deep will it have to be to accommodate artwork? Most importantly, what is your budget?  And, finally, should it be metallic, wood, or painted?  Answering these questions helps our designers to recommend the best choice in picture frame molding for your piece.

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