Printing and Mounting Solutions

Artwork and photographs can be printed and mounted to several surfaces; acrylic, metal, wood, paper, and, canvas.  We can provide a quote on printing to each surface and the merits of each product.

ACRYLIC: Available in 3/8″ or 1/4″ thickness, with standoffs.  This  is one of our most popular requested styles for commercial use.

METAL:  the durability of metal makes it perfect for commercial use.  We can vary the amount of print that goes on surface to let the grain of metal show.  Available in oversize.  Contact us for more information.

WOOD: like metal, we can vary the amount of ink that is used in printing to let the grain of material show through. It adds an element to the design that is very unique.

CANVAS: the newest capabilities in printing to canvas allow us to vary the amount of texture.  Giclee’s are the product of printing on canvas and we have artists that will enhance the amount of texture by hand.

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Sometimes, knowing where to begin is the hardest part. If you have any questions about your future art installation or framing project contact us today.

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